8-10 Port Waterway 1 Textured Air Control - 10 Manifold Repair Kit Grey

8-10 port Waterway 1" textured Air Control - 10 port manifold repair kit - Grey

  • $140.00

Please let us know if you need a different style air control we can assemble as required

Waterway grey 5 point textured elite 1" air control with a 10 port manifold.

The manifold comes with 2 x barb plugs(endcaps) allowing this repair kit to replace an air control system with 8-10 air tubes connected .

Kit includes: ww 660-3587 air control,
2 x 4 port manifold,
1 x 2 port manifold,
1 x 25mm bung
10 x 9mm barb couplings,
2m x pvc 9mm tubing,
1 x flex pipe glue

67mm D cap x 41mm hole size

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