Sp1200 3.5Kw Controller And Oval Touchpad General

SP1200 3.5kw Controller and Oval Touchpad

  • $3,150.00

Davey Spa-Quip Spa Power 1200 Spa Pool Controller/Heater


The SP1200 is sold in the following heater sizes= 3.5kw, 4.5kw, 6.0kw. All Model are rated up to 40amp single phase MAX but this can be lower depending on the power draw of the items plugged into the controller. The 3.5kw model can also be set up with a 3phase power connection

System is sold complete with: Heater/Control Box, 2 X 50mm unions, 1 X Touch pad and overlay, 1 X In pool temp sensor (you don't need to use the in pool sensor as there is a second sensor built into the control box)

This Controller can be set up in the following configurations (Download user guide from task tab for full details)

High Voltage AMP Sockets : Pump 1A (one or two speed pump) Pump 1B (single speed pump, this socket can't be used if socket 1A has a two speed pump fitted). Pump 2A (one or two speed pump) Pump 2B (single speed pump, this socket can't be used if a two speed pump is fitted to socket 2A) AUX Output (this socket can run a blower or pump) SPVSB (this socket can only be used for a Davey Variable speed blower) Circ Pump Socket, Ozone Socket

Low Voltage Sockets inside controller: 2 X Touch pad sockets, 4 X Davey LED light sockets, 1 X in pool temp sensor socket, 1 X 12volt light Output

NOTE: Rectangular touchpads can be ordered on request (good idea if retro fitting).

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