X2000 Swim Spa

X2000 Swim Spa

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The X2000 is our biggest and best SwimCross Exercise System. Featuring two separate pools, the swim side is a huge 6.09m and the adjoining spa pool has independent temperature control and 4 hydrotherapy seats.

The largest swim and exercise area of all Endless Pools Fitness Systems, the X2000 features our all-new jetted swim current boasting 5 jets, 5 speeds, and minimal turbulence. When used with the swim tether, you get gentle resistance for low-impact, full-body exercise that delivers both fun and fitness.

For soothing aquatic therapy after every swim, or just after a long day, the separate spa has four hydro-massage seats. There are two captain’s chairs with pillows, plus two seats. To ensure every muscle is massaged, four jet types combine to target tension and leave you relaxed whether it’s after a workout - or simply chilling out!

Combining functionality with beauty, the X2000 has a steel-framed cabinet with streamlined, modern styling. Furthermore, the durable, state-of-the-art materials used in construction are virtually maintenance-free.

With your choice of options, from a Swim Mirror for real-time technique feedback to an 8-speaker Bluetooth® music system, you can customise the X2000 for your own specific requirements.

And if you install the optional plug-and-play Gecko® In.Touch Wi-Fi and Mobile App, you can control the system’s temperature, lights and jets with your smart phone to have it ready for action whenever you choose. The X2000 brings a whole new level of enjoyment and relaxation to your fitness regime.


Three Swim Jets and River Jet

With the SwimCross™ Exercise Systems, you can enjoy an authentic swim experience at an affordable price. Three round Swim Jets (on top) provide resistance, while the River Jet (below) provides lift. All jets use a boost effect to draw in more water, multiplying the volume. Using the two diverter valves, users can adjust the highly variable pace of the current for both swim and water workout options.


Stunning Exterior Cabinet

Stunning inside and out, the SwimCross™ Exercise Systems have a clean design that fits your lifestyle. Its beauty, versatility and advanced performance features make it a home enhancement you’ll enjoy for years. Our 18.5 cm cabinet panels feature a finely brushed embossed texture, creating a backdrop for the 3D double contour bands that surround the entire Exercise System. The band plays with light and shadow to create a visual depth and interest to the siding. 

Bluetooth-Enabled Sound System (Optional)

For exercise or backyard enjoyment, nothing sets the mood like our optional, integrated 8-speaker system and subwoofer. It’s easy to set up: simply pair any Bluetooth-enabled device to the system through the control panel to listen to your favourite music anytime.


2 mm Steel Frame and ABS Base Pan

All Endless Pools SwimCross™ Exercise Systems feature a durable, two millimetre galvanised steel frame and ABS base pan, which together provide superior support and protection from ground contact. We’re concerned with your experience for the life of your Exercise System ownership. We look deeper, creating great design that you can see as well as great design that quietly adds significant value.


Spa Seating with Hydromassage Jets

After you exercise, enjoy a workout cool-down in the comfort of spa seating where hydromassage jets soothe your muscles. Perfectly positioned in two captain’s chairs with pillows, plus a third middle seat, four jet types are combined in three configurations to deliver an ideal post-workout relaxation experience.

Product Specifications: 



Swim Side: 457 L x 226 W x 147 H cm

Water Capacity

Swim Side: 7,570 Litres


Swim & Spa Side: 1,570 kg (Dry) / 11,255 kg (Filled*)
*Includes water and 10 adults weighing 80 kg each

Shell Colour Options

Alpine White or Ice Grey

Cabinet Colour Options

Dark Mocha or Grey Oak

Swim Technology

5 Swim Jets – Max 1,325 Litres Per Minute

Swim Power

2.5HP XP3 Continuous Duty; 5.2 HP Breakdown Torque - (1) Single Speed & (1) Dual Speed

Hydromassage Seats

Swim Side: Bench Seat

Hydromassage Jets

Swim Side: Not Applicable

Hydromassage Jet Pump

Swim Side: Not Applicable

Control System

Swim Side: LCD Control Panel; LCD Control Panel 230v/2x24amp, 50Hz

Water Feature

Swim Side: 2 Illuminated Waterfalls

Water Management System

Swim Side: UVC + CD Ozone

Effective Filtration Area

18 m2

Lighting System

Swim Side: 14 Multi-Colour LED Points of Light


2 mm Galvanised Steel Frame

Base Pan

Thermoformed ABS Pan


Swim Side: 3000w/230v

Energy Efficiency

Certified to the APSP 14 National Standard and the California Energy Commission (CEC) in accordance with California Law

Stainless Steel Grab Rails

Swim Side: 3 Satin Stainless Steel Rails

Music Option

8 Speakers & Subwoofer, Bluetooth® Enabled

Exercise Equipment Options

Swim Tether and Rowing Kit

Vinyl Cover & Lifter Options

Watkins Bi-Fold Covers & Lifters or VacuSeal® Cover System

Additional Options

Floor Mirror, Gecko® In.Touch WiFi & Mobile App

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