40Mm Water Check Valve General


  • $58.00

PoolQuip 40mm (1½ inch) Water Check Valve

Length: 16.5cm
Width: 11cm
Height: 11cm

Designed to use 40mm PVC pressure pipe and fittings.

Plumbing – The check valve body is designed to fit 40mm pressure pipe ID. Ensure that no glue enters the valve body to avoid destroying the seal.

Maintenance – The transparent lid allows inspection of water flow to check for any debris that may be lodged in the valve seal. To service the valve, unscrew the locking ring and remove the assembly. Lubricate with silicone lubricant only. Avoid overtightening the locking ring.

Check valve location – Position the valve so there is 600mm in front of the pump to allow sufficient head of water to keep the flap closed when pump is turned off.

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