Tasmania 2.21m x 0.87m x 1.96m Seats 5

  • $14,450.00
  • Save $2,000


The Tasmania is a spacious spa for your friends and family to chillax in.  Each and every seat in the Tasmania Spa has been designed to offers a different massage experience, so you can work your way from seat to seat, and enjoy a variety of different massages, or just sit and soak.

Featuring Plug and Play technology, the Tasmania spa pool can plug directly into a standard power point.  Combined with it's energy efficient heater, this spa pool draws a maximum of 10 Amps.  This spa may be big on features, and size, but this doesn't mean the running costs need to be!  

The Tasmania Spa Pool is made with our rotational molding process.  This means the shell is incredibly tough.  This way of manufacturing also reduces the time and materials required, which helps to bring the costs down.  Made by Watkins USA - The makers of Hot Spring Spas, a company that has a 40-year history in New Zealand and is the largest manufacturer of spas in the world.

  • Dimensions
    2.21m x 0.87m x 1.96m
  • Seats
    5 (1 x recliner)
  • Jet Count
    60 Jets with Stainless Steel Trim
  • Jet Pump
    2HP, 2 Speed
  • Water Capacity
  • Cabinet & Shell
    RokSolid™ advanced unicast polyethylene
  • Heater
  • Electrical
    10amp (licensed electrician can supply the GFCI, conduit and wires)
  • Filter
    Intelligent filtration with customised programming for optimised filtration cycles
  • Insulation
    Full foam insulation for maximum efficiency and long-term heat retention
  • Ozone Water Care
    Helps to keep water crystal clear while reducing the amount of chlorine needed. (Optional)
  • Waterfall
    Adjustable, cascading
  • Lighting
    Footwell Multi-Color Light

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