Sp400 1.5Kw Controller Heater And Rectangular Touchpad General

SP400 1.5kw Controller, Heater and Rectangular Touchpad

  • $2,100.00

Davey Spa-Quip Spa Power 400 1.5kw(10amp) Spa Pool Controller/Heater.

Also available in a 2.0kw(15amp) model.


This system is a good replacement for most Pulsar and 2095 controller (heater will fit the same plumbing as any Pulsar/2095 with a 50mm heater Tee and will fit the same touch pad cut out).

System is sold complete with: Heater/Control Box, Heater and Heater tee, Touch pad and overlay.

This Controller can be set up in the following configurations (Download user guide from task tab for full details)

1 X 2spd pump, 1 X Blower (has to be a Davey SPVSB blower NOT A STANDARD BLOWER) 1 X Ozone, 1 X LED DAVEY LIGHT, 1 X Circ Pump.

1 X Jet Pump, 1 X Blower (any type of blower) or a second jet pump, 1 X Ozone 1 X LED DAVEY LIGHT, 1 X Circ Pump.

NOTE: If a 2speed pump is fitted you have to fit a Davey Variable speed blower.

NOTE: Circ Pump outlet will run 24/7 unless a time clock is fitted.

**Optional Time clock can be purchased Q921016**

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