Aotea 1.60m x 0.84m x 2.06m Seats 4

  • $14,190.00


The Aotea is a compact, 4 seater spa, with a variety of seats, and powerful jets.  Great for entertaining and relaxing..

Equipped with full foam insulation, the Aotea only draws 10 Amps, and will plugs into a standard power point, no special wiring is needed.  This means reduced running costs, and energy efficiency.

The Aotea has a one-piece, unibody shell.  This makes the spa ultra-tough, with the benefit of lowered labour costs and materials. 

Aotea Specs & Dimensions:
  • Dimensions
    1.60m x 0.84m x 2.06m
  • Seats
  • Jet Count
    24 jets with stainless steel trim
  • Jet Pump
    2HP, 2-speed
  • Water Capacity
  • Cabinet & Shell
    RokSolid™ advanced unicast polyethylene
  • Heater
    2kW stainless shell
  • 10 amp
  • Filter
    Intelligent filtration with customised programming for optimised filtration cycles
  • Insulation
    Full foam insulation for maximum efficiency and long-term heat retention
  • Ozone Water Care
    Helps to keep water crystal clear while reducing the amount of chlorine needed. (Optional)
  • Waterfall
    Adjustable, cascading
  • Lighting
    Footwell Multi-Color Light
  • Touch Screen
  • Wifi Control
  • Sound System

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